Links to interesting websites

In this area I provide links to some of the websites I normally use for my Eclipse Chaser activity. The first two sites by Xavier and Jay are the ones I check more frequently. At the bottom of the page I have also included a presentation (In Spanish) which I did back in 2009. This was for a conference about Solar Eclipses in Mexico City. If you are new to Solar Eclipses, I highly recommend you check it out.

Solar Eclipse Google Maps by Xavier Jubier

This is my go-to site for eclipse planning. It shows where the Solar Eclipses will be visible across the years. Once you load the site and you go to a specific Solar Eclipse, it will show exactly the times for First contact, Second Contact, Maximum Eclipse, Third Contact and Fourth Contact. Highly recommended.

ECLIPSOPHILE: Climatology and Weather for Celestial Events by Jay Anderson

Good weather is critical for this kind of experiences. The maximum of a Solar Eclipse can go from a few seconds to maximum very few minutes. You don't want to travel all around the world to have a cloud covering the Sun during an Eclipse! Of course, as in all cases, Weather prediction is never 100% accurate.

Mr. Eclipse, by Fred Espenak

Fred is a retired NASA Astroastrophysicist. He is an expert on this topic, and created multiple documents that show the circumstances for the Eclipses across centuries. One of the things I like the most from this website is that Fred explains how to photograph a Solar Eclipse. If you would like to take pictures of an Eclipse, this is a must read.

NASA Eclipse Website

This official website was originally created by Fred Espenak, and now is fully maintained by other NASA members. It also contains links to Fred's Mr. Eclipse website. This website also shows information about Lunar Eclipses, should you like to also see them and photograph them.

Solar Eclipse Mailing List (SEML)

In this area many of us Solar Eclipses exchange information and ask questions about Eclipses. Interesting place to get in touch with other people which have the same hobby.

Solar Filters

Solar Filters are mandatory for this hobby. It is the only safe way to look at the sun. There are multiple Solar Filters available. I have always purchased my Solar Filters to Thousand Oaks Optical. You can check other websites, but this one I recommend since I have used them across multiple years

Eclipse Chasers Log

Here we, Eclipse Chasers, add the information about the Eclipses we have seen. It is normally sorted by count of Eclipses. At the moment I created this webpage, my count was 14, proudly being the Mexican that has seen more Solar Eclipses!
General Log:
My Log:
Map of the Eclipses I have seen at the moment I created this webpage:

Solar Eclipse Conference by Rubén Ruiz

I created this presentation back in 2009 for a conference in Mexico City. If you are new to Solar Eclipses and would like a condensed document where they are explained, I highly recommend you check it out. The presentation is in Spanish. Click the image with my logo to open the presentation.