Total Solar Eclipse in Svalbard.
March 20, 2015

We saw this Eclipse in the Norther part of the world we have ever been: Inside the Artic Circle! It was in a place called Svalbard, which belongs to Norway. Lourdes and stayed some days before in Oslo, Norway. From there we took a plane traveling to the North until we reached Svalbard. Our hotel was Mary-Ann's Polarrigg which is located in Longyearbyen, a small town close to the Svalbard Airport.   

The weather was not so good days prior to the Eclipse, but exactly in the Eclipse Day we had amazing weather with blue skies. We went to the Eclipse location by snowmobiles. The day after the Eclipse we did a tour with a Dog Sled. Finally, Lourdes and I went to visit the entrance of the global seed vault. Yes, this is the place where the world safeguards seeds from all plants across the world so that they can be used in the future in the case of a global catastrophe.